I'm a photographer and videographer based in New Zealand (Kapiti Coast, Wellington).

I'm an adventurer. I explore our world by hiking, biking and motorcycling.

As I've travelled, I've moved and inspired people to test their own boundaries and to see the world on which we live in new and wonderful ways.

I share this journey through photography.

I've had a desire to travel and explore right from the beginning. Hiking and mountain bike touring extensively across New Zealand. Moved to the Cook Islands, located maps for hiking the volcanoes, which lead to my guiding locals through some of the long forgotten routes.

The photos that follow are from a six month mountain bike tour of Europe. The half frame slides had a rough ride and were in bad shape by the time I got to Scotland.

After saving as much money as I could, I headed off to Argentina and Chile for a four month mountain bike tour of the Andes and Patagonia. This was a remarkable journey that I will never forget. It included, hiking, paragliding and four days on the RO/RO Tierra del Fuego following the fjords from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales.

I had the amazing experience of working in a summer camp among the Adirondaks in New York for four months. The landscape is stunning and the outdoor opportunities are boundless.

The time came to return to the road. I’ve completed six months in the USA travelling by motorcycle. 25000 Miles, 29 States, 25 National Parks, hundreds of new friends and a camera.

Whats next? The options are endless! I've just completed writing a book about my travels across America and I'll be selling copied in the USA and New Zealand. The book show cases some fantastic photos from my journey and a glimpse into how life is on the road and what sort of things you can get up to along the way. 

For all my new friends in the USA, I'm returning to the South Island of New Zealand to share the travel experiences along our rugged coast, the Southern Alps and the rain forests of the deep south. Many of you can follow photos along the way on Facebook, the best will be here and I'm sure, a book to follow too.