South America

While I was mountain biking around the South Island I had first met Martin and later Xavier, both from Switzerland. They both knew each other and I visited both of them in Europe when I was there and we all agreed to tour the Andes together. In 1991 I flew into Buenos Aires during the middle of a military coop. Tanks and soldiers lined the highways and the US Air Force was busy delivering hardware to persuade the political situation. Not that it bothered us at all as we set off to the Sierra Cordoba. The military base at Agua Negra wouldn't let us pass the Andies into Chile. The road did not officially re-open to the public till the following year. We were however allowed to ride up and back to the pass at 15,633ft. (It was too hard for me, I camped on the side near the top and took a ride the final 3,000ft on a passing truck full of soldiers). Heading South through Chile, we enjoyed New Year celebrations in Santiago before choosing to split up to meet again at Puerto Montt in a months time. Following the volcanoes down the length of Chile was exciting, I had my paraglider and flew off Villarica. We shared a lot of amazing stories in Puerto Montt. I crossed the Andes via Todos Los Santos and arrived in San Carlos De Baraloche where I made some amazing flights. Camped in the simply idillic La Ville De Angostura and a couple of epic flights before crossing the Andes again to return to Puerto Montt. Here I finally sold my bike and headed south through the fiords on the RO/RO Tierra Del Fuego. This ferry has the best sea views ever. Arriving in the deep south I hiked with two other travellers from Glacier Balmaceda into the back of Torres Del Paine. Next stop was the incredible Glacier Moreno, simply incredible, and not far away the magical Fitz Roy.